Land Board

Vision Statement 

“Attain sustainability of Land, People, Water and Agriculture resource through conservation, protection, and preservation.”

Mission Statement 

Provide guidance the Dine people in the stewardship of Mother Earth by providing leadership, knowledge, and technological assistance in the management and conservation of her resources, for the inheritance of generations to come.

The Navajo Department of Agriculture (NNDA) is established under Division of National Resources with Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation.  Today, the Navajo Department of Agriculture is the lead agency in planning, coordination, and management of all programs, policies and regulatory provision designed to protect and preserve Navajo rangelands, livestock and agricultural resources.

NNDA strives in the redevelopment of a viable rural economy for the Dine people, focused on livestock ownership, commercial and subsistence farming enterprises.  Establish efficient range management  programs and practices; consistent with the principles and established guidelines for conservation of soil and water resources.

NNDA provides technical assistance and educational outreach to Navajo ranchers, farmers, and communities on various livestock and agricultural issues.  The department facilitates and fosters coalitions among county, state, and federal agencies to assist Navajo communities with their agricultural and livestock needs.

Finally, NNDA provides administrative, guidance, and support services to District Grazing Committees, Farm Boards and Eastern Land Boards Members, with emphasis on regulatory oversight in accordance to the specified provisions of Title III of the Navajo Nation Code.  

Becenti Chapter Land board official

Mikelle Lantana, Land Board 


District 20 Land Board Meeting
First Friday of every month 

Join Land Board Meeting
3rd or 4th Friday of every month


Call Mikelle Lantana to conduct a tally count

The Integrated Weed Management Plan flyer from BIA

Agriculture Infrastructure Fund Navajo Farmers and Gardeners application
***Include the require documents along with it:
 -Driver Licence/SSC
 -Tally Count
 -Grazing Permit/Agriculture Land Use Permit