Land Use Planning Committee

Mission Statement

Through dedication, commitment, planning, coordinating and strong leadership, the Becenti Chapter Community Land Use Planning Committee will provide the community with strong opportunities to develop, prosper and provide adequate services that benefit the local population by respecting cultural and traditional values and protect against abuse of the land; and promote health and well-being amongst the community.

Vision Statement

With public service and good judgement, the Becenti Chapter Community Land Use Planning Committee envisions fulfilling the dreams of our ancestors to implement a Community -Based Land Use Plan to enhance the quality of life of the local community to establish and maintain an independent and self-reliant community for generations to come; while supporting local governance and tribal sovereignty.

Strategic Plan

In accordance to the Navajo Nation Code Title 26, “Enactment of the Local Governance Act allows Chapters to make decisions over local matters. This authority, in the long run will improve community decision making, allow communities to excel and flourish, enable Dine’ leaders to lead toward a prosperous future, and improve the strength and sovereignty of the Navajo Nation. Through adoption of the Act, Chapters are compelled to govern with responsibility and accountability to the local citizens.”

The community Land Use Plannnig Committee (CLUPC) is a certified local stading committee of the Becenti Chapter for the Fiscal Year 2015. In respect to that, the CLUPC officailly had it’s Community-Based Land Use Plan certified on September 25, 2012 by the Resource and Development Committee of the 22nd Navajo Nation Council. Pursuant to promoting Local Governance and Tribal Sovereignty of the Navajo Nation, the Becenti Chapter CLUPC shall work accordingly under the advisement of the Chapter Coordinator and Elected Officials; its local resources and the general membership, both votoers and non vters to enforce and promote better community planning initiatives that will benefit the community.

Organizational Chart, Accomplishments, Goals and Objectives are yet to be available

Committee Officials

Marilyn Becenti, President

Charmayne Hosteen, Vice President

Marylynn R. Harry, Secretary

Abel Becenti, Member

Beverly Becenti, Member

Meeting Information

Meetings are held every one meeting per month.  Open to the public through google meet and teleconference.  Meetings start at 10:00 a.m.

Becenti Chapter Community-Based Land Use Plan for Re-certification was Approved by RDC.

CLUPC Documents