Veterans Organization

Plan of Operation


We, Veterans, Families and Relatives Member of Becenti Chapter Veterans Committee, establish this Plan of Operation to guide us and to state the services we provide as well as the benefits we help to extend Navajo men and women who have served honorably in defense of our country and provided protection of all lives in America. Our Plan of Operation further enables us to exercise our constitutional rights to express our concerns and declare how we promote and preserve our culture and tradtions which enhance our staure as a security force of this great Nation.

Vision Statement

Becenti Chapter Veterans Committee are in great need of assistance of various sorts as a direct result of the damaging experiences they underwent and/or the culture shocking scenes they witnessed during their served in the armed forces. Many are trodden down with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agent Orange, and/or the debilitating disease of alcoholism. Worse yet, very tragically, others have returned to Navajo Land disabled physically due to bodily dismemberment or other injuries sustained while in the front line battles. Yet, members of BCVC their families, and relatives envision achievement of a plateau where there us hope and a feeling of relief for all. This shall be as a result of strong unity and thereby accomplishment beyond the envisioned plateau. The BCVC vows to utilize all the resources at its command to meet the needs of its Veterans. Further, the BCVC will endure as it challenges the demands necessary to reach the visualized plateau where the BCVC along with other Veterans of the Navajo Nation will have equal standing among progressive veterans in other parts of America. The BCVC is aware that the ultimate reward for the sacrifices made by our Veterans are the honor bestowed upon them and the special recognition of them for the shield they honorably provided to insure freedom for all.

Mission Statement

The Mission of BCVC is proactive maintenance of a strategically planned, sustainable system which is administered equitably at the local level for provision of official benefits and relevant services ever excelling quality assurance standards for Navajo men and women who served in the military service in defense of our country and for the protection of all lives in America. Furthermore, to achieve its mission, the BCVC requires high integrity and unrelenting dedication among its members, officers and staff who are all committed to the betterment of all lives of its members pursuant to the traditional Navajo beliefs/life ways and present day opportunities through education, health benefits, housing assistance and referral to other resources. BCVC is open to collaborative efforts with colleges and other resources in addressing larger more comprehensive issues.

Committee Administration

Talen Becenti, Commander

Leonard Shorty, Vice Commander

Darlene Wilson, Secretary Treasurer